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-22° C Brings Sunbathing Ruffed Grouse

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This winter we have been waiting for our Ruffed Grouse to find our bird feeders. You see, for the past 3 months 5 Ruffed Grouse have been feeding in our High-bush Cranberries every afternoon just before dusk, which is awesome, but provides for crappy photography moments.  This morning, under one of our feeders, low and behold a suntanning grouse !  We were happy to see  it was even feeding on some fallen birdseed on the ground .  At -22° C, I’m sure any easy meal is appreciated.   The Ruffed Grouse is the most common grouse in Ontario.  The male uses his wings in the spring to produce a drumming sound  during courtship that females find alluring.  They have special adaptions on their feet to help them deal with  winter conditions.

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A camera shy Ruffed Grouse, looking very alert in the -22°C cold.

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On January 6, 2018
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