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The Bluebirds are Back !

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Well I  can finally say spring is here with the late arrival of our Eastern Bluebirds.  The Spring of 2018 has been anything but great with mother nature throwing at us all kinds of nasty weather.  Needless to say I was thrilled this morning to see a pair of Eastern Bluebirds checking out one of our nest boxes.  If you have Bluebird boxes or any kind of nest boxes/bird houses on your property now is the time to do a little spring cleaning.  All bird houses need to be cleaned out of any debris and if necessary a good brushing out with a wire brush.  Even if you cleaned out your boxes in the fall, some birds do use the boxes during the winter to roost and also mice and squirrels like to use them as well, so it’s a good idea to check them to make sure they are ready for the nesting season.   Happy birding everyone !

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» Birding News » The Bluebirds are Back !
On April 13, 2018
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